Not All Skin Problems Can Be Treated Well With Laser

Double chin, wrinkles or cauliflower nose ? In the past you had to learn to live with it. But new laser techniques make short work of any external unevenness. At least, that’s what the advertising promises. But not every condition can be treated equally well with laser.


There is now so much experience with lasers that you can say that a laser is able to fade fine wrinkles . The classic CO2 laser scrapes away the upper part of the skin, under which, as it were, a new, younger skin emerges. With this, spectacular and lasting results have been achieved. A disadvantage is that it is a very intense treatment, almost an operation. The recovery period takes a long time: certainly not the first week you are not presentable. There is also a considerable risk of complications (infection, pigmentation , scarring). A reasonable result gives some fractional lasers, with which the connective tissue becomes stronger, so that wrinkles are less visible. But the results vary greatly per device and per individual. An additional disadvantage of the fractionals is that you often need multiple treatments and that the treatments are very expensive. Not always good value for money. An alternative are temporary fillers such as botox .

Deflated and flabby skin

Not only do wrinkles make a face look older, someone with a flabby skin also shows a lot of age. When the skin is too weak, only a facelift can offer a solution. Laser is a less rigorous alternative to beginning skin relaxation. Tightening like a facelift does not work, but with some lasers, provided they work deep into the skin, the skin can become a bit firmer after some treatments, because collagen is produced.

Double chin

Even a double chin can be treated with the laser. Or better with radiofrequency, where vibrations produce heat that pulls the tissue tight. But do not expect miracles. The treatments are expensive and the success is very variable. Alternatives are an operation or the very latest of the latest: the lipolift, in which fat is simultaneously extracted and the skin tightens.

There are several underlying problems on bags under the eyes: slack skin, fat accumulation or dark circles. In case of a weakening, a laser can sometimes make the skin firmer, but do not expect too much benefit from a laser. Also alternatives such as special creams and rollers do not benefit. The bags under the eyes really disappear can only with surgery.

Both acne and the scars can be treated with laser. The first generation of CO2 and Er: YAG lasers were effective, but had serious side effects. Usually the laser treatment is an addition to another treatment, such as peelings or medication from the dermatologist. Good results are achieved with puncture technique, a kind of mini skin grafts, or locally a high concentration of TCA acid in combination with a laser treatment.


The orange peel or cellulite is a real women’s disease: as many as 80 to 90% of the women are struggling with it. Cellulite is particularly difficult to treat. The problems are so deep in the connective tissue that a cream does not come. Radio frequency seemed to be a hopeful technique due to its deep effect under the skin. But in the Velthuis clinic, one of the clinics with the most experience in the field of radiofrequency, they are very reticent with the treatments against cellulite due to moderate successes.

Couperose, rosacea and wine stains

Couperose (red, broken veins in the face) is easy to treat with the laser. Laser treatment is an improvement for all clients, according to the Velthuis clinic’s own research. An improvement of 75% can be seen in 80% of customers. Usually three to five treatments are required with a vascular laser. Wine stains can also be treated with the vascular laser, but this condition requires more treatments. Also in rosacea (flushing face, sometimes cauliflower nose and an acne type), the vascular laser can show improvement when the acute inflammatory phase is over.

Pigment stains

Not all dark colored spots and not every skin type are equally suitable to treat with the laser. A new type of glass laser with an IPL head is well suited to largely flatten sun spots and age spots (such as lentigo or liver spots). For that, several treatments are required. The uniform café au lait spots are more difficult to tackle. At one third of the places it works well, but in a third of the cases the place gets worse. And sometimes the spot responds well at first, but the pigment comes back later. Moles and melasma are at least as difficult, also called pregnancy mask, that arises under the influence of hormones. People with dark skin should look extra because they are more likely to experience side effects.

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